Milestones ~ Photoshop 12 & Polaroid

News of large and curious relevance is on my mind today. 

Photoshop CS5
Adobe has released the twelfth version of the world changing digital imaging software Photoshop CS5. Trial downloads are available from I’ve been working with the beta versions and it’s wonderful. If you are a wide angle lens lover, you are going to be swept away by the lens correction tools in both Photoshop and Camera Raw. This photograph was made this February on   in the Philippines. These ruins were caused by intense shelling of the island Corregidor by the Japanese at the beginning of World War II.

Corregidor01  They were shot with a Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens February 4, 2010. These types of lenses even when level with the subject, introduce curved distortion rendering a scene with an angle of view of 180º. Adobe engineersCorregidor02 have profiled lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sigma to correct these distortions as well as lens edge vignetting and chromatic aberration with one click.
In addition to the one-click simple solution, sliders are provided for each correction that act as volume controls to turn up or lower the effect. If that weren’t enough, a Manual tab offers individual adjustments for distortion, vertical and horizontal perspective, rotation and scale. Once the desired result is reached, the settings can be added to the lens correction profile.

Polaroid Reborn
 If the new arrival of Photoshop weren’t enough, instant film photography has been reborn thanks to Summit Global Group who own the Polaroid trademark and technology. At an event in New York City’s SoHo district day before yesterday, notable photographers Joel Meyerowitz and Mary Ellen Mark joined John Reuter, director of the fabled Polaroid 20 by 24 inch studio to celebrate the imaging icon’s reemergence.
 Every year at FotoFusion John has shared his struggle to keep this photographic icon alive in the wake of the digital tsunami that has devastated traditional chemical based image making. I believe that we all benefit from as many forms of photography as we can experience. One of my goals that I saw slipping away was to make a one-of-a-kind-never-to-be-duplicated photograph with one of John’s behemoth cameras. Read more

The monitor on a camera is to review work not to compose a shot unless the camera is on a tripod
Tips & techniques

Be solid! Hold your camera the right way

Sharp photos start with a stable camera. When the camera moves, the picture it takes has some movement blur. High shutter speeds minimize the effect of camera movement, but they do not eliminate it. Here’s how to hold your camera steady.

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Congressman John Lewis at the dedication of Al Farooq Mosque in Atlanta, GA August 17, 2008

John Lewis, 1940-2020

Congressman John Lewis who died on Friday, July 17, 2020, at age 80 is what human beings aspire to be. He focused his life on ending racism and pursued it with purpose and humility. Dedication of Al-Farooq Mosque I had been hired to photograph the dedication ceremonies of Atlanta’s Al-Farooq Mosque on 14th Street on

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Making safe headshots during Covid-19
Client Stories

Making executive portraits during COVID-19

Like others in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am concerned with taking care of those around me. When it comes to providing a safe environment for creating photographs of people, cleanliness, masks and as much physical distancing as possible are my main concerns. My client Susan and I spoke on Zoom to get

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Painting of astronaut on the moon with American flag on the cover of Time magazine

Happy Anniversary Neil, Buzz & Mike!

Fifty years ago, today, July 20, 1969, the whole world paused to watch a really fuzzy video in black and white of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the surface of the moon. That week the July 25, 1969 issue of Time magazine arrived in my mom’s mailbox in Boise, Idaho. The cover said “Man on the

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The Diamond Ring with solar flares from eclipse 2017 by Kevin Ames

Eclipse photography

Yup. I know. Everyone has heard of it. A lot of people viewed it. Some of us gathered to photograph it. I joined other photographer friends on a just built deck of a not-yet-finished house in Marble, North Carolina to shoot the moon as it passed in front of the sun. This one was made

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Makeup artist required
Client Stories

Makeup Artist? No question it’s a great idea!

“Do you want a make up artist for your portrait session?” When I used to ask a potential client this question, some women would answer “No, thanks. I can do my own.” The savvy ones said, “Absolutely!” Most men would give me a look that said having them wear make up was an idea from

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