Kevin Ames


Shooting in a hotel room even when it’s a suite can be a bit of a challenge. This portrait of Sheree from Bravo’s cable show The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a good example. For all of the W’s elegance, the backgrounds threatened to overpower Sheree visually at least. She was wearing a dark dress […]

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Wonder wall

Like a lot of photographers I love black & white images. I explore color photographs in Photoshop and often convert them to monotone. There are so many different ways to convert full color into b&w that oftentimes I’ll spend an hour or so experimenting to see what resonates with me. Then I make a print

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Fantastic Portraits–It’s all smoke and mirrors

My New Year’s greeting features a photograph I made that was inspired in part by the pictures of smoke featured in a blog post last August. The portrait begins with a photograph of Corinna Allen, entertainment reporter for Atlanta’s CBS television station… The original photograph, a straightened version with a selection and the beginning of

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