Saturday I arrived at Wichita International airport and was met by my client and dear friend Doyle Rogers. Doyle is an artist whose passion is making trees. Understand these are no ordinary trees. They are trees made from stainless steel. His shop is two hours north of the airport. We got to his place, dumped […]

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Shooting in a hotel room even when it’s a suite can be a bit of a challenge. This portrait of Sheree from Bravo’s cable show The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a good example. For all of the W’s elegance, the backgrounds threatened to overpower Sheree visually at least. She was wearing a dark dress

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Wonder wall

Like a lot of photographers I love black & white images. I explore color photographs in Photoshop and often convert them to monotone. There are so many different ways to convert full color into b&w that oftentimes I’ll spend an hour or so experimenting to see what resonates with me. Then I make a print

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